Justice, served with compassion & expertise

In the darkest moments of your credit score, there are always men and women who are willing to fight for your right to obtain financial literacy and wealth. We are the unsung heroes of consumer credit.

How Our Service Works

Guiding you through every step with vigilance and precise execution

Step 1

Select a K.I.N.G. Membership Package

Membership Has Its Privileges! By becoming a member of the Knights Investors Networking Group you can now gain FINANCIAL LITERACY and stellar kredit ability at the same time through a strategic partnership with the World Economic Empowerment Foundation Inc.

Step 2

Register with W.E.E.F.
Access Credit Report

When you register with The WEEF, you can start fixing your credit. You'll also be able to see your credit report online. By doing this, you can be a hero and take control of your finances.

Step 3

Receive Consultation
Start Your Dispute Process

The Knights Kredit Heroes, professional processors, and representatives will jump into action with knowledge and expertise to repair and enhance our client's consumer report and score.

Step 4

Watch Your FICO Score Rise
Enhance Your Credit Profile

Your Mission: Power up your credit score game and hit that 800 mark or better. This requires that you whip those finances into shape and kick some smart credit habits into gear. THIS IS THE WAY!

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