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The Knights Investors Networking Group Ltd., hereafter called the “K.I.N.G. Ltd.” (Founded 2020) by the administrative board and advisory teams of the Knights of Alkebuland and the Knights of Africa societies during the Worlds Global shut down due to the epic Corona Virus Pandemic)
U.S. has now grown a debt of $30,000,000,000,000 (30 Trillion) www.usdebtclock.org
What can we DO for BIPOC to slow the inevitable??
The K.I.N.G. Ltd.’s mission to provide a virtual in-Home Classroom Environment where hundreds of families and individuals of the BIPOC community can be United to enjoy acquiring a Financial Education within the comfort of their own Homes. We could only Imagine what life would be like where you your Children, Family and New Friends can come together in a VIRTUALY Classroom during this global pandemic and be equipped with Cutting-Edged and Sophisticated KNOWLEDGE!  RESOURCES! and TOOLS! necessary to bring about a paradigm shift to designed to reduce BIPOC’s contribution to the U.S. National DEBT, while together, exploiting the tricks and traps implemented to further the cause of exceling a debtor’s mentality due to be brought about during the Global Lock Down…
The K.I.N.G. Ltd. equips the BIPOC Family and Individuals with Cutting-Edge technology, a step by step approach to using the technology for becoming debt free within 12 to 24 months and beyond if maintained properly. We attribute much of our inspiration from the financial expert ‘Robert Kiyosaki” and his brilliant Financial Education Board GAME “CashFlow 101”.
The K.I.N.G. Ltd. has formed an allegiance with other such as the “World Economic Empowerment Foundation 501c3 inc.” who is bringing about a Charitable Revolution within BIPOC communities SEE www.theweef.org; the “Society of Africa ad Alkebuland Society who has implemented it’s Legacy Heritage and Estate Planning Course along with live instructors, designed to assure BIPOC has the tools necessary to secure and pass on their life Legacy (Wills & Trust) while assisting with BIPOC with status correction; NAIC/Better Investing the “Nations Largest Investment Club” who provides our Investors Klub the model of being a sophisticated 1 stop-shop financial Institution; the World Health Mall, who provides us cutting edge nutritional supplements with patented science developed for effective and effect results SEE www.worldhealthmall.com.  
The K.I.N.G. Ltd. investment Klub is here to assure that those who participate in our Unification of our BIPOC Communities, and who participate in our Debt Freedom initiative will have the ability to create and develop a Legacy and Estate plan with assets which can be pasted on to future Heirs and Beneficiaries for Generations to come.
The K.I.N.G. Ltd. provides the unique strategy of Estate planning with an awesome approach on how-to “Live-in Trust”, while coordinating and implementing an intricate system of recycling BIPOC dollars back into its communities through using substantial tax savings benefits,  small business development strategies, budgeting and more…
It’s K.I.N.G. Ltd.’s very own Virtual Black Wallstreet.
The K.I.N.G. Ltd. ‘s most prized opportunity is it’s Klub members have setup a Hedge fund and Donor Advised fund to assist the World Economic Empowerment Foundation 501c3 Inc. “W.E.E.F.” with bringing about a CHARITABLE REVOLUTION among BIPOC peoples Nationwide. The Klub’s Public and Private Donors together pool funds to be Invested with a private brokerage who is FDIC insured, whereas proceeds from their investments are donated to a Charity of choice “WEEF 501c3 Inc.” thus assisting W.E.E.F” in helping those in the BIPOC family who are unfortunate and Under Served due to economic and financial distress brought about from those who seek to blame this disparity on Mother Nature…

The k.i.n.g.'s


Vice President &
Business Development Instructor

Chieftess Ahyoka

Secretary &
Marketing Director

Chief Zahab Gizbar

Forex Instructor &
Director of Operations

Chief Khufu


Chieftess Adjuyah

Diversified stock portfolio instructor

Chieftess Olufemi

cryptocurrency instructor

Chief Crypto