Ahyoka, well-known expert President/CEO of Streamline Success International, and financial instructor of the K.I.N.G. Investors Club having 20 years of experience working in an entrepreneurial environment managing multi-million dollar campaigns and helping small businesses and brands achieve success, says,      ___________________

Our Budgeting Course shows the Club members how to implement a personal financial wellness structure which shows them how much money is coming in monthly and how much is being spent. The ideal is, of course, to ensure that you always have more income than expenses.

Our Club members learn that a personal or household budget is essentially a financial plan used for allocating income expected towards paying for monthly expenses and debts. Deciding how much to allocate per budget item is determined by spending history. A budget should also include an allocation for saving used to build their Investment Portfolio.

Why you must master budgeting


Over the long term, sticking to your budget guarantees that your personal financial situation will improve while also revitalizing your soul from all the stress and anxiety that is often associated with poor financial management. The most critical factor in ensuring that as a KING Club member that we stay motivated and stick to our budget is having the vision of your money going to work for you.

Having greater control over your money is important, but adding some life-investment goals will be more motivating and inspiring. So part of Budgeting class is life Goal setting. This would include buying a Home, Land, Stocks, Gold and Silver Coins, Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin), Global Travel, and the Children’s higher education.

The Power of The K.I.N.G. Budgeting Course

The “Knights Investors Networking Group Ltd” believes it’s important for our club members to be in control of their finances.

To add to The K.I.N.G. club members Financial Portfolio, we provide the necessary budgeting strategies through an exclusive budgeting class designed to enable their lifestyles so that they can reach their ultimate financial goals. 

Phase One

Learn to Master Budgeting for ourverall Finacial WELLNESS.

Phase Two

Use our Budgeting Course to Manage your HOME-BASED Business.

Phase Three

Use our Budget Savings Strategy and Apply towards building your Financial Portfolio.

Phase Four

Our Budgeting Course also Helps Investors with their RISK management.

What People Say


Lower Your Taxes Big Time!

Take advantage of substantial tax breaks.

Re-direct your tax savings towards
building your community and portfolio.

Now that you have learned to measure your financial goals. now it's time to manage your financial future.

How much do you need to get out of the rat race? 70%
Debt Elimination
Do you know how much you need to be debt free? 90%
Financial Portfolio
What assets, real estate, stocks, etc, will you invest in? 80%

Test your level of Financial Literacy

Poor Money Management

your over-extended in debt, your living above your means!

This book will help you keep and grow your portfolio with money you didn't realize you even had!